1986  >  

At 13,000 kilometres, the Paris-Dakar marathon is one of the toughest rallies there has ever been. Porsche enters three 959 cars in the race. No sooner has it begun than two of the three service vehicles have been lost. And so project manager Roland Kussmaul, who is driving one of the 959s like a 'racing workshop', finds himself up against the seemingly impossible challenge of getting the three high-tech vehicles through the desert.

  >   René Metge is the first to reach Dakar, followed by Jacky Ickx - a double whammy for Porsche. Kussmaul brings his 959 into West Africa in sixth position. By 1988, 283 units of type 959 were sold.

2001  >  

Porsche commissions Reinshagen Technik with the production of spare parts for the 959 that can no longer be obtained.

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